Ridwan Kamil’s son

Ridwan Kamil's Son Lost in the Swiss River Ridwan Kamil's Son Lost in the Swiss River

Ridwan Kamil’s Son Lost in the Swiss River – Currently, there are many disasters that have occurred unexpectedly and are also predicted by many people who want to know about them. Ridwan Kamil’s eldest son, Emmeril Khan Mumtadz, had an accident. He was reported missing in the Aaree river in Bern, Switzerland, Thursday (26/5/2022).

According to information received by Liputan6.com, Eril is on the Aaree river with his sister and friends. When you want to rise to the surface, disaster occurs.

“Eril was swept away by a fairly swift current, which previously received help from his friends,” said the representative of the West Java Governor’s family, Elpi Nazmuzaman.

The SAR team and the local police have searched for six hours but have not yielded any results. The search was temporarily suspended because it was already dark.

The family asks for prayers from the community so that Eril can be found in good condition soon. “We hope that Eril can be found soon in good health,” said Elpi.

Shortly after this news surfaced, Ridwan Kamil’s name immediately rose to the Trending Topic ranks on Twitter on Friday (27/5/2022) morning. Netizens flocked to send prayers for Eril to be found safe soon.

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“With our prayers for the son of kang Ridwan Kamil @ridwankamil. Allah give him a healthy and safe safety,” said one netizen on Twitter.

“I was very surprised to hear the news, so I was eagerly waiting for the news 🙁 I hope his son, Mr. Ridwan Kamil, can be found and safe in good health, amen,” added another.

At the time of the incident, Ridwan Kamil was in England on government activities abroad with a delegation from the West Java Provincial Government.

However, he rushed to Switzerland after receiving the news of the accident and is currently meeting with his family there.